Submissions for the Research and Creative Works Conference are due June 13.

May 15, 2014
Writer: Brian Baker

The submission deadline for the Research and Creative Works Conference will be June 13.

"Previous to this semester, submissions would usually close about two weeks before the conference would start," said Kyle Whittle, the student conference manager. "We've changed it this semester to close about five weeks before the conference starts. The whole point is to give us more time to make better sessions in the conference."

The deadline change will provide conference staff more time to sort through submissions and create a high quality conference.

Whittle said students don't necessarily have to complete their projects by the deadline, but they should be far enough along that they can submit a well constructed abstract.

Along with the deadline change, the conference has also changed its standard for the quality of submissions. Students' abstracts need to be error-free and have a minimum of 150 words. They should clearly describe the project and the students' process for completing it.

"Faculty should know that we are putting more effort into our RCW website, and they can find the deadlines there," Whittle said. "They can also find what is expected in an abstract."

For more information, visit the Research and Creative Works Website.