DJ Teichert explians the benefits of this new tool to help students succeed in their classes.

February 13, 2013
Writer: Hayden Coombs

DJ Teichert of the Academic Support Centers has recently launched a course-specific study skills site that is intended to help students know how to best learn the material in their respective courses. Brother Teichert has been collecting data and gathering course tips from content tutors for several semesters now. However, any professor, former student, or tutor can post study comments to this site about what students struggle with the most, what they would recommend students do to study for the course, and offer tips for identifying the most important points in the class.

Instructors' tips for this site are especially desired. Brother Teichert said, "Research has shown that the best way for students to learn basic study skills is for them to learn it from content instructors as part of the course instruction.  Instructors can do this by showing students how to read and get the most out of their textbook, showing students how to study for the class, and showing them how to take notes for the class."  This site serves as a venue for faculty to provide these types of tips to their students.  

Additionally, the site provides the opportunity for former students of a course to indicate what they would do differently if they were to take the course, what they would recommend future students do to study for the course and how these students could best identify the important points in the readings or lecture. Brother Teichert also emphasized the point that this site is not intended to be anything like He said, "It is merely a venue for teaching students to learn how to learn. 

Negative comments will be screened out before being posted to the site.  We also recommend that teachers review their courses on this site regularly to add to the knowledge or inform us of any tips they do not want posted." Over the next few weeks, faculty will be contacted to solicit their course-specific tips.

Faculty may also simply go to the following link to offer and review these tips:  

For more ways in which teachers can share tips in the classroom, see the following sites: