BYU-I now has permissions to use the content of over one million titles.

May 22, 2012
Writer: Hayden Coombs

Due to the signing of a new licensing contract with the Copyright Clearance Center, BYU-Idaho now has license and greater rights to use the content of, "hundreds of publishers and over one million titles." This new, "umbrella of coverage," according to Nathan Wise, will greatly reduce the cost of using the available print and electronic materials for both scholarly and administrative uses.

Brother Wise said that this annual license, "covers quite a bit of existing content that the university already uses." The new license also covers students, not just faculty.  Brother Wise continued, "The faculty has a very wide umbrella of coverage when you combine the pre-existing coverage we already had with what we've recently accomplished. It is now very easy to find out what is covered and how to make use of it."

Taking advantage of the new license is quite simple. To check if a specific title is covered by the Copyright Clearance Center, go to the Annual Copyright License search page. Just enter the title of the periodical or book. Next, be sure to verify coverage. In the search results, the license coverage is shown in the box below.

If you see a green check mark and "Academic License - Digital/Print" message, then you are free to use this title in your course materials or share it with others at BYU-Idaho. You may continue to use the material for the duration of the campus license agreement with the Copyright Clearance Center.

Brother Wise concluded by saying, "Signing this new license was not something that just happened overnight. This act illustrates the university's efforts to be compliant with publishers and copyright laws."

To find out more about the new licensing contract with the Copyright Clearance Center, you can visit this page.