Simplifying the Awards Process Will Boost Attendance and Create a More User-Friendly Event

March 24, 2014
Writer: Brian Baker

The Research & Creative Works Conference is held every semester as a venue for students to showcase their work.

The conference this semester, to be held on April 3, has changed the way it will give awards to the participants.

During past conferences, an award ceremony was held in the the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center ballroom to acknowledge the winners. The ballroom, filled during the conference with tables and posters, was emptied and rearranged into a reception area before inviting students back in to hear the results of the conference. But students often didn't come back to find out if they had won.

This semester, instead of holding a formal award ceremony, awards will be given to participants during the conference, as soon as results come in. Without the award ceremony, faculty and staff helping at the conference will have a smaller time commitment, and students will receive more recognition from those who attend the conference.

The Research & Creative Works Conference gives students the important opportunity to display, defend, and receive feedback on their work. It also looks good on a resume or graduate school application. Faculty are encouraged to invite their students to attend.

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