New Agribusiness Emphasis to be Offered this Fall

May 14, 2012

Writer: University News Briefs

The Department of Agribusiness, Plant, and Animal Sciences will introduce a new emphasis this fall: Global Food and Agribusiness Management.

Agribusiness management covers all business-related activities involved in the production, processing, finance, marketing and distribution of food and fiber products. This emphasis will center on giving students the opportunity to utilize their education and personal skills in a global economy.

"The Global Food and Agribusiness Management emphasis is attracting a lot of students from other areas of study into the major who want to make a difference in the world," said Jeremy Slade, agribusiness faculty. "This major will prepare students for a variety of careers, in areas such as international development, food marketing, agribusiness finance, international trade, and agricultural policy. Individuals who work in these careers can have a positive effect on people around the world."

The new emphasis will allow students to develop and utilize complimentary skills in finance, accounting, agribusiness, agroscience, technology, economics, marketing, foreign language, international studies, and international politics. And perhaps most important, the new major will require an international experience, such as a study abroad, internship, or international study tour.

"Food is such an integral part of life. You could substitute a lot of things in life - except for food," said Slade. "Working in this industry provides the opportunity to change the world for good. I believe what Dr. Ray Goldberg of the Harvard Business School said that agribusiness has significant political as well as economic implications and is as a driver of societal and economic health around the world.