Information regarding recent changes in the Academic Administration office.

September 13, 2012
Writer: Hayden Coombs

There have recently been some changes with the roles and responsibilities of Support Staff in the Academic Office. The following information reflects recent changes in the Academic Administration office:

Peggy Clements will maintain faculty hiring for all full-time, temporary and adjunct positions in Academic Administration along with some new assignments in Human Resources.  All questions regarding faculty hiring should be directed to Peggy in the Kimball 230, extension 1140, zip+ 1690.

Kierstin Holland is the Office Assistant for Ed Sexton, who recently replaced Bruce Kusch as the Associate Academic Vice President for Curriculum.  Administrative issues relative to the academic catalog, curriculum, Foundations, Languages & International Studies and the Testing Center should be directed to Kierstin in the Kimball 210, extension 1142, zip+ 1690.

Karen Kunz joined Academic Administration in April of 2012 with prior experience working for the Business Management, Accounting, and Information Systems department and a temporary employee for the University Store.  Karen is the Office Assistant for Rob Eaton, the Associate Academic Vice President for Academic Development (Pathway and Online Programs), and Guy Hollingsworth, the Associate Academic Vice President for Student Connections (Academic Support Centers, Academic Discovery Center, Community Connections and the Library).  Karen is located in the Kimball 210, extension 1143, zip+ 1690.
Jo Ann Rhodehouse moved to Academic Administration in August of 2012 to provide secretarial support for Ric Page and Kelly Burgener.  Jo Ann comes to Academic Administration with experience as the BYU-Idaho Academic VP Executive Secretary, her recent return from BYU-Hawaii as President Wheelwright's Administrative Assistant, and the past year in Human Resources.  Appointments and issues pertinent to Ric Page and Kelly Burgener should be directed to Jo Ann Rhodehouse in the Kimball 210, extension 1125, zip+ 1690.