26 members of the faculty were recognized at the 2013 Faculty Banquet.

May 15, 2013
Writer: Hayden Coombs

Organized by the Best Practices Committee, the 2013 Faculty Banquet was designed to uplift and inspire faculty in their teaching efforts through presentation of the Exemplary Faculty Awards. 26 members of the faculty were recognized at the 2013 Faculty Banquet.

The following is a list of the 2013 Exemplary Faculty Award winners:

Academic Support Centers
D.J. Teichert
Kristin Ballou

College of Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Jay Keller - Animal & Food Science
Jim Hopla - Health, Recreation, & Human Performance
Susan Garbett - Nursing
Sharlene Lewis - Health, Recreation, & Human Performance

College of Business and Communication
Kimball Galbriath - Business Management
Spencer Haacke - Communication
Kerry Webb - Economics
Brooke McKenna - Communication

College of Education and Human Development
Byron Webster - Home & Family
Ron Anderson - Religious Education
Steve Stokes - Sociology & Social Work
Jerald Gee - Teacher Education

College of language and Letters
Anne Papworth - English
Scott Samuelson - English
Jason Flora - Humanities & Philosophy
Brooks Haderlie - Languages & International Studies

College of Performing and Visual Arts
Joshua Abegglen - Art
Ted Ashton - Music
Justin Bates - Theater & Dance
Brian Call - Art

College of Physical Sciences and Engineering
David Collins - Chemistry
Jill Lundell - Mathematics
Wayne Startin - Mathematics
Garth miller - Mechanical Engineering

The theme of the 2013 Faculty Banquet was, "Honoring Excellence in Teaching." The video presentation is available below.