TESOL Minors and TESOL Cluster

 “In 1990, one in 20 public school students in grades K-12 was an English language learner. Demographers  estimate that in 20 years it might be 1 in 4.”
*American Educator. 32.1 


TESOL Education Minor (195)                    TESOL Minor (239)                   

ED 312                     2                                 B 380                     3              

LANG 321                 3                                ED 304                    3            

TESOL 200                3                               ED 312                    2            

TESOL 213                1                               LANG 321                3             

TESOL 377                3                               TESOL 200               3            

TESOL 378                3                               TESOL 213               1                                 

TESOL 497                1                               TESOL 377               3                                                    

Foreign Language       4                               TESOL 378               3                                                   

                                  20                              Foreign Language      4


TESOL Cluster (4122)                             TESOL Certificate (C 109)

ED 312               2                                   This program is restricted to online

TESOL 200          3                                  degree-seeking students only

TESOL 213          1                                 For program information, please visit: 

TESOL 377          3                                 http://www.byui.edu/online/degrees-and-programs/tesol

TESOL 378          3                                 



The TESOL Education Minor equips future teachers with the skills necessary to help English Language Learning students improve their linguistic skills while also enhancing their marketability and diversity as a teacher.

*Note: The TESOL Education minor required classes fulfill State of Idaho teacher endorsement requirements.


B 380 Intro to International Business

An overview of international business designed to provide a global perspective on international trade and direct investment.  Reviews international, cultural, political, legal and economic environments and their effect on marketing, production, and human resource management strategy. 3 Credits

ED 304 Educational Psychology

This course is an exploration of teaching and learning through educational theories of development, cognition, and understanding and the impact of this information on teaching methods and classroom practice.  This course includes specific forcus on the affective and cognitive domains and the impact of brain research in memory and understanding. 3 Credits

ED 312 Culture and Diversity

Focuses on relationships between the American educational system and cultural dynamics. Indentifies prejudices and discriminatory practices and the influence on education. 2 Credits

LANG 321 Advanced Grammar in Languages

Contrastive analysis of English and a foreign language. 3 Credits

TESOL 200 Fundamentals of TESOL

Introduction to fundamentals theories and principles of bilingual education as they relate to TESOL in the United States.  3 Credits

TESOL 213 Culture and Diversity Practicum 

This practicum helps transition students from being a learner of ESL methods, to being an ESL teacher. Students apply skills they have studied in their TESOL classes as they teach.  1 Credit    

TESOL 377 TESOL Teaching Methods I

The first of two courses on foreign language teaching methodology. This course consists of TESOL teaching skills and theories of second language acquisition. 3 Credits

TESOL 378 TESOL Teaching Methods II

The second of two courses on foreign language teaching methodology. This course emphasizes technology, cross-cultural and linguistic assessment, and classroom management. 3 Credits

TESOL 497 TESOL Practicum

A 16-hour teaching practicum in the public schools. Completed in conjunction with student teaching. 1 Credit


BYU-Idaho TESOL students may qualify for Advanced Entry admission to the MA in TESOL at the prestigious Monterey Institute of International Studies.  Our institutions have an academic agreement wherein our students may count up to 7 hours of credit toward the requirements at Monterrey and receive special consideration for competitive merit-based scholarships.  For more information contact the chair of the Department of Languages and International Studies at BYU-Idaho, Kirk Widdison (widdisonk@byui.edu), or search the Monterey Institute site at www.miis.edu.


Idaho State Department of Education: Teacher Certification

Idaho State Department of Education: ENL Endorsement

Praxis Exam: English to Speakers of Other Languages (0631)

Praxis Preparation

For additional information about the TESOL Education Minor and TESOL Minor, please contact:

Michael Paul
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