Spanish Program

The Major and the Minors in Spanish

On a slow day in a literature class many years ago, Brother Hunsaker remembers being startled into alertness by something his professor had said.  The startling statement was, "Come on people, you're going to be teaching this some day!"  You might want to keep that in mind!  Choosing to major in Spanish is a choice to become a teacher. As you progress through the major, keep your future students in mind. Remember, it's not about you, it's about them. Prepare now to serve them well.

As you do, consider these wise words: "When you expect to teach, your mind is prepared to learn."1

Information on coursework for the BA in Spanish Education, for the Minor in Spanish Education, and for the Minor in Spanish is available in the BYU-Idaho Catalog.

1Stephen Covey as quoted in Learning and Teaching for Exponential Growth: A Three Person Problem. Susan Peterson Gong,

Beyond the Classroom

We encourage you to explore learning opportunities beyond the classroom. For example, you may want to consider getting involved with the Spanish Academic Society, Sigma Delta Pi.

You might also consider service opportunities like those available through HELP International and  the Orphanage Support Services Organization (OSSO).  

Teacher Education

Information on student teaching, the education core, and on other approved teaching minors is available here.

Our Favorite Links:

Exit Survey for Graduates

If you have recently graduated with a major or minor in Spanish Education, please complete this survey to help us see where and how we can  improve.

Spanish Tutors

Free tutoring in Spanish is available through the Tutoring Center. We highly recommend this resource!

Want to be a tutor?

If you would like to work as a tutor, you will need to complete Spanish 321 with A credit (even if you are a native speaker!) and complete this application. See Hermano Rock in Smith 455 for more information.

Avoiding Plagiarism

For information on this important topic, please consult this webpage from Indiana University.