1. Flagship Program: Funded by the National Security Education Program (NSEP), this program is designed for upper-intermediate and advanced speakers of Mandarin Chinese to achieve superior level of proficiency. In the second year, students enroll in a program at a university in China. Scholarship is available. See details:

Brigham Young University Chinese Flagship Program

Ohio State University Chinese Flagship Program

The University of Mississippi
The University of Oregon  (K-12 and College Education)


2. STARTALK Program: Funded by the National Foreign Language Center (NFLC), this program is designed for prospective teachers of Mandarin Chinese to teach Mandarin in American K-12 schools through an intensive program in China or in designated American Universities. Grant is available. See details: http://startalk.umd.edu/program-info/2008/Chinese/

3. Critical Language Scholarship for Intensive Summer Program: Funded by USDS, CAORC and CLS, this program is designed for students with a degree or students who will graduate soon to achieve a higher level of Mandarin proficiency through an intensive immersion program in China. Grant is available. See details: www.clscholarship.org

4. Chinese Bridge Scholarship: Funded by Hanban, Office of Chinese Language Council Internation, it is designed to help international students of Mandarin learners to improve their Chinese proficiency in an immersion program. See details: http://www.hanban.edu.cn/cn_hanban/jiangxuejin.php