It is possible to test out of the following Russian classes: 101 (4 Credits), 102 (4) and 201 (4) for a total of 12 credits. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO TEST OUT OF RUSSIAN 202!

You can receive letter grades for these classes and they will be added to your BYU-Idaho transcript and will be figured into your BYU-Idaho GPA. Note, however, that BYU-Provo will not allow you to count them in your credit total or GPA until after you are accepted.

If you choose to test out of all three classes, you will receive three individual exams. It will be possible to accept all for letter grade, all for "pass" grade, or any combination thereof. In order to receive a "pass" grade, you must score at least the equivalent of a "C" grade. The "pass" grades will count for credit on your BYU-Idaho transcript, but will not affect your GPA.  These exams are not for students whose native language is Russian.

Starting Spring 2016 our policy will change so that we award PASS CREDIT ONLY for language tests that we administer.

To take the exams, you need to do the following:

•1. Pick up an application form at Smith 450.

•2. BRING THIS FORM WITH YOU THE DAY OF THE TESTS! It will be your ticket, which will allow you to actually take the tests. No application form, no test.

•3. Write your name, phone number and what classes you plan to test out of on the sign-up sheet, which will be posted in Hinckley 171 a few weeks before the test is administered. If the sign-up sheet is not posted, please contact Bro. Kumferman (contact info below).

•4. Go to Hinckley 171 on the day of the tests and take the tests.

The next tests will be administered at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 12, 2016, in Hinckley 171.


What should you study to prepare for the tests?

Pay close attention to the following:

Verb conjugation (including non-prefixed motion verbs like ходить - идти or носить - нести

Verbal aspect (rules governing imperfective and perfective verbs)

Grammatical cases (both how you form them and in what instances you use them)

Basic verbs and prepositions and what cases they take (e.g. помогать + Dative; для + Genitive).

You will not need to worry about participles (verbal adjectives, e.g. читающий), gerunds (verbal adverbs, e.g. прочитав) or declension of numerals (e.g. без двух, пяти, etc.).

For your information, at BYU-Provo you must be currently enrolled in the Russian 330 culture class in order to take the exams. It is possible to test out of and receive letter grades for 101 (5 credits), 102 (5) and 201 (5) for a total of 15 credits. Once again, note that one may not test out of 202, but it will be waived for you upon successful completion of the 330 class. This is why 330 is the typical entry class for returned missionaries at BYU-Provo, although many choose to start with Russian 321, the third-year grammar course.

For more details, please contact Brother Kumferman by email at, in his office in Hinckley 225, or call (208) 496-4314.