For the languages that are not taught at BYU-Idaho, the exams for credit come from BYU-Provo and are offered online. Further information and registration are available at the BYU Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service (FLATS) web site.  These exams are not for students whose native language is the language of the test.

If you plan to take the FLATS test while you are on the BYU-Idaho campus, please list the Testing Center as your proctor.  (The contact person is Nate Borsella,, 208-496-1758).  After you complete the registration, you will need to contact the Testing Center to set up a day and time to take the test. 

If you would like the results from your FLATS test to be sent to BYU-Idaho, please send them to Travis Yost,, 208-496-1043.