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Question: If I am majoring in Spanish Ed and minoring in TESOL Ed, do I have to take both Spanish 321 and Lang 321?

Answer: Yes. Lang 321 for TESOL Ed minors contrasts English grammar and the grammar of your mission language with an emphasis on grammar, vocabulary, orthograpy, and language variation. Spanish 321 covers Spanish advanced grammar. You need to know both.

Question: Does BYU-Idaho have any study abroad opportunities?

Answer: Yes! The English Dept. offers a Meso-America tour. The Humanities Dept. offers a European Humanities tour. There are also semester programs in Chile and in China. For more information on Chile, contact Steve Hunsaker.  For more informaiton on China, contact Lei Shen or Scott Galer.

Question: Why doesn't BYU-Idaho have a major in other languages besides Spanish, such as Portuguese, German or Japanese?

Answer: Because of low enrollment. Spanish is the only language that can maintain the level of enrollment that the administration at BYU-Idaho requires.

Question: How long will it take for the grades from the language exams for credit that I took to show up on my transcript?

Answer: Ten days to two weeks after you meet with an instructor and sign the form.

Question: Can I take passing grades on my language exams and still use those classes for my cluster?

Answer: Yes. A passing grade will not affect your GPA, but it will give you the credit, so it will count towards your cluster.

Question: If I am a native speaker and want to take a class, which one should I take?

Answer: Native speakers should begin at the 321 level in French, German, and Spanish; at the 301 level in Chinese; and at the 202 level in Russian. However, if a native speaker is an education major or an education minor in a langauge, he or she should begin studies at the 202 level in French, German, Chinese and Russian and at the 302 level in Spanish.

Question: If I spoke one of the languages taught at BYU-Idaho on my mission and want to take a class, which class should I register for?

Answer: Returned missionaries who spoke Chinese, French, German or Russian on their mission should begin at the 202 level. Returned missionaries who spoke Spanish on their mission should begain at the 302 level.

Question: Is there a minimum required GPA for the Spanish Education major or any of the language minors?

Answer: A student must earn a C- or better in a class for it to count for major or minor requirements.

Question: If I took a language credit exam at BYU in Provo will BYU-Idaho accept the credits?

Answer: Yes, BYU-Idaho will accept any credits that BYU grants a student for a langauge credit exam. 

Question: Do the 12 credits I receive from the language examinations for credit count toward my credit total?

Answer: Yes, BYU-Idaho does count the 12 credits that students receive on the language examinations given here on our campus toward the credit total. Credits received from BYU for their language examinations also count toward a student's credit total.

Please click here to e-mail the department secretary if you have further questions that have not been answered.