If you are interested in taking the Chinese Exams for credit, please contact the Chinese instructor, Sister Shen.

Office: Smith 452

Phone: 208-496-4318

E-mail: shenl@byui.edu

(These exams are not for students whose native language is Chinese.)



BYU-Idaho offers Mandarin Chinese exams for credit to returned Mandarin-speaking missionaries and others who have had significant non-academic experience with the language. Only current or former Ricks/BYU-I students can take the exams. Native Chinese speakers (including speakers of other dialects) are not permitted to take them.

Your student account will be charged $30 when the grades are put on your transcript.

The exams are not easy. They are final exams we have given for these courses. There are no unfair questions. If a question seems unfair, there is some grammatical point you have not considered. The vocabulary comes from nationally recognized Mandarin textbooks.

It would behoove you to review vocabulary and grammar in the textbooks Integrated Chinese (level 1 part 1, level 1 part 2, and level 2). These texts are available in the library and the bookstore.

Although a few returned missionaries receive "A's" on all the exams, it is more common to receive an "A" in 101, a "B" in 102 and a "C" in 201. Many do not receive passing grades on one or more exam.

Preparation: As mentioned above, it is a good idea to review the material in Integrated Chinese, level 1 part 1, level 1 part 2, and the first half of level 2. It is not necessary to take a Chinese class in order to take the exams (although the majority do), but to better prepare yourself, consider enrolling in Chinese 202. Many missionaries opt to only take the exam for 101 and 102, taking 201 for credit.

Classes: If you are not able to read texts composed with a base of roughly 500 characters, then you should take 201, and plan to spend a lot of time catching up. While your aural/oral skills may be adequate, it will take time to bring your reading and writing skills up to a commensurate level.

The exams: There are three written exams, for a possible 12 credits: Chinese 101 (4), Chinese 102 (4), and Chinese 201 (4). Each exam is tested and graded separately.

You will be given a letter grade for each course you pass with a grade of "C" (73%) or above. If you prefer, you may choose to receive a pass ("P") rather than a letter grade for any or all of the exams you pass.

You will be tested on grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing.

Exam letter grades can be used to replace grades earned before your mission. However, you may not use exam grades to replace a grade received in a class taken after your mission. Also, "P" grades may not be used as retakes.

Starting Spring 2016 our policy will change so that we award PASS CREDIT ONLY for language tests that we administer.