Michael A. Paul

Smith 471, BYU-Idaho, Rexburg, ID 83460-0825

Office: 208-496-4315







PhD East Asian Studies: University of Arizona, August 2005-December 2009
            • GPA: 4.0

            • Fellowship August 2005-April 2008

            • Dissertation Title: Chinese Foreign Language Attrition: Investigating Aspect Marker Usage


Chinese Language Division, Language Center:  National Taiwan University, March 2008-May 2008

            • Huayu Enrichment Scholarship - R.O.C. Ministry of Education (9 months)

            • Advanced level study of Chinese


MA Language Acquisition and Teaching, Chinese: Brigham Young University, August 2003-August 2005
            • GPA: 3.62

            • Academic scholarship August 2003-April 2005

            • Thesis: "The Forgotten Skilled Remembered: Identifying Reading Strategies of             Intermediate and Advanced Level Chinese Foreign Language Readers."


BA Chinese: Brigham Young University, August 1999-December 2000
            · GPA: 3.65

            • Attended Study Abroad at Nanjing University, May-July 1999





Assistant Professor at Brigham Young University-Idaho: August 2008-Present

            • Director TESOL Education Minor

            • Teach TESOL 200 and 497

            • Teach all beginning and intermediate level Chinese classes

            • Advise students

            • Direct Chinese proficiency examinations


Instructor for Brigham Young University's Chinese STARTALK Summer Intensive Teacher Training Program, Summer 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

• Co-develop course curriculum

• Teach intensive hybridized online/classroom teacher training

• Represent program at annual national meeting


Part-time Faculty at Brigham Young University Provo: June 2007-December 2007

            • Teach Chinese 102 and Chinese 202

• Assisted in Chinese Pedagogy Class in summer

• Advise students

• Participate in faculty in-service meetings

• Oversee bypass exam students


Teaching Assistant at University of Arizona: August 2005-May 2007
            • Taught Chinese 102 and Chinese 201, 202

            • Received 4.8 out of 5 for Teacher Effectiveness on student evaluations

            • Attended and presented at teacher training meetings

            • Advised Chinese Language Club


Adjunct Faculty at Brigham Young University-Idaho: May 2006-August 2006

            • Taught Chinese 101 and Chinese 202

            • Advised students

            • Organized translation project with students for a mosque in Nanjing


Teaching Assistant at Brigham Young University Provo: August 2003-August 2005
            · Taught Chinese 201 and 202

            · Taught oral proficiency and performance classes August 2003-July 2004

            • Taught grammar, reading, and writing August 2004-August 2005

            • Utilized the Performed Culture approach to teaching

            • Supervised two other teaching assistants


Curriculum Developer at the Missionary Training Center July 2004-August 2005
            · Developed curriculum for Technology Assisted Language Learning system

            • Designed activities and other content

            • Recorded audio content

            • Developed and entered written content


Chinese Instructor at Brigham Young University-Idaho, one-year appointment: August 2002-August 2003
            · Taught a total of eight beginning and intermediate level Chinese classes

            · Designed curriculum, planned lessons, and developed student assessment system

            · Integrated listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in daily instruction

Translator for Independent Study at Brigham Young University: September 2001-July 2002
            · Translated Independent Study web classes from English into Chinese

            • Developed extensive Chinese vocabulary in biology, world religions, and         physics





Manager of Operations for R.A.P & Associates, Inc: August 2003-December 2009

            • Assist 15 small rural landfills in complying with environmental regulations

            • Take responsibility for quarterly at-site environmental monitoring and site         inspection

            • Generate environmental monitoring reports, site inspection reports, billing        invoices


Night Shift Protocol Manager, ACM, in Tianjin, China: December 2000-July 2001
            · Managed and enforced clean room protocol among local and foreign contractors

            · Oversaw construction of 150,000 square feet of Class I clean room.

            · Organized and oversaw 60 to 80 Chinese employees

            • Taught clean room protocol training classes in Chinese





CFL Reading Strategy Usage and Acquisition, Pedagogy, Second Language Acquisition, Discourse Analysis, Program Evaluation, Language Attrition, Chinese Historical Linguistics, Language Contact, TESOL





Paul, M. A. (2010) Investigating Aspect Marker Attrition: Insights for the L2 Classroom. In Y. Yan & J. J. Yin (Eds.), Chinese as a Foreign Language Teaching Practice and Reflections: Selected Papers for the 8th International Conference on Chinese Language Pedagogy. Beijing, China: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.

Paul, M. A., & Galer, S. W. (2007) The integration of technology and collaborative learning in the CFL classroom. In C. Aimin, W. W. He, & L. Mu (Eds.), Essays on Teaching Chinese to American Students: The 6th International Conference on Chinese Language Pedagogy and the First International Conference on Teaching Chinese to American Students. Beijing, China: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.




Panel Chair "Human Trafficking, Urbanization, and Social Media in a Transforming Asia" WCAAS Annual Meeting, Northridge, CA October 2010.


"The integration of technology and collaborative learning in the CFL classroom"

8th International Conference on Chinese Language Pedagogy, Kunming, China July 2010.


Panel Chair: "Resources for K-12 CFL Teachers" WCAAS Annual Meeting, Tucson, AZ October 2009.



"Intensive Chinese Foreign Language Teacher Training: A Hybridized Model"

WCAAS 2010 Annual Meeting, Tucson AZ October 2009


Panel Chair: "Changing the Perspective: Applying Sociocultural Theories to CFL Research" ACTFL 2007 Annual Meeting and Exposition, San Antonio, TX November 2007.


"Chinese Foreign Language Life-long Learners: Twenty-five Years of Study"

ACTFL 2007 Annual Meeting and Exposition, San Antonio, TX November 2007.


Panel Chair: "Foundation and Application of Language Acquisition and Teaching"

ACTFL 2006 Annual Meeting and Exposition, Nashville, TN November 2006.


"Chinese Foreign Language Top-down Reading Strategies: Usage and Effectiveness" ACTFL 2006 Annual Meeting and Exposition, Nashville, TN November 2006.


"Shenme, Something, Whatever: Use of Filler Words in Chinese Foreign Language Reading" 2006 RMMLA Convention, Tucson, AZ, October 2006.


"Chinese Foreign Language Reading Tools"

19th Annual Language Reading and Culture Colloquy, Tucson, AZ February 2006.





• Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA)

• Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (RMMLA)

• West Coast Association of Asian Studies (WCAAS)




• Board Member -Western Conference of the Association for Asian Studies (WCAAS), Fall 2009- Present





• Boy Scouts of America, October 2008-Present

• Guest lecturer on Chinese culture, Challenger Middle School, Tucson, April    2007

• Advisor to the University of Arizona Chinese Club January 2007-May 2007

• Volunteer at Tucson Food Bank, September 2005-May 2007

· Assistant Scout Master, September 2001-August 2003; August 2004-August             2005

            · Translator at Missionary Training Center, September 2001-August 2002

            • Volunteer missionary in Taichung, Taiwan; Queens, New York, 1996-1998

• English teacher, Taichung, Taiwan; Queens, New York, June 1996-June 1998





• Chinese teaching, interpreting, and translating

            • Understanding and working within different cultures

            • Chinese cooking and working on cars

            • Adapting well to new environments, problem-solving, and learning quickly

            • Working well with youth

            • Implementing technology effectively in the classroom

            • Teaching second and foreign languages





Dr. Scott Glaer, Brigham Young University-Idaho, Office: 208-496-4305



Dr. Feng-hsi Liu, University of Arizona, Office: (520) 621-5479


Dr. Matthew Christensen, Brigham Young University Provo, Office: (801) 422-5303 matthew_christensen@byu.edu