Name: David A. Rock

Address: 174 Rosewood Dr., Rexburg, ID 83440

Telephone: (208) 656-0059





1996                Ph.D., Penn State University, University Park

                        Major: Latin American Literature

                        Dissertation: "Aestheticism and poetic Impurity: The Latin American                                  Avant-            Garde and Beyond"

1992                M.A., Brigham Young University, Provo

                        Major: Latin American Literature

                        Thesis: "The Poet-God and the Pocket Sublime: An Aesthetic Approach to                        the Creationism of Vicente Huidobro"

1990                B.A., Brigham Young University, Provo

                        Major: Spanish            Minor: Russian


Teaching Experience


2003-present   Professor of Spanish, Brigham Young University-Idaho

1996-2003       Assistant/Associate Professor of Spanish and Program Coordinator for                               Modern Languages, Huntingdon College, Montgomery, AL

1992-1996       Graduate Student Teaching Assistant/Lecturer, Department of Spanish,                              Italian and Portuguese, Penn State University, University Park

1990-1992       Graduate Student Teaching Assistant, Department of Spanish and                                      Portuguese, Brigham Young University, Provo


Other Employment


1994-1995       Research Assistant to Professor Aníbal González-Pérez, Penn State                                     University

1991                Research Assistant to Professor Merlin Forster, Brigham Young                                          University


Scholarships and Awards


2000                Todd Award for Excellence in Teaching, Huntingdon College

1995                Member, National Honor Society Phi Kappa Phi

1994                Nominated for NEH Dissertation Grant

1992                Outstanding Student in Latin American Literature, Department of Spanish                                     and Portuguese, Brigham Young University

1991                Honored Student Award, College of Humanities, Brigham Young                                      University

1989                Member, National Hispanic Honor Society Sigma Delta Pi

1987                Dean's Scholarship (half tuition), College of Humanities, Brigham Young                          University


Editorial Positions


Editor of La Marca Hispánica (student journal) Department of Spanish and Portuguese,   Brigham Young University, 1992

Co-Editor of Aleph (graduate student journal), Department of Spanish, Italian and            Portuguese, Penn State University, 1994-1995




"Cela y Dostoievski: La fenomenología de la fealdad y la violencia en la literatura."  La    Marca Hispánica 3 (1992): 59-67.

"Humor and Self-Awareness in El general en su laberinto."  Hispanófila 38.3 (1995): 41-   49.


Conference Presentations


"Humor and Final Judgment in Juan José Arreola's La feria."  Pennsylvania Foreign          Language Conference, Duquesne University, September 24, 1994.

"American Bashing and Self-Deprecation in the travel Writings of Domingo F.      Sarmiento."  Southern Comparative Literature Association Conference, Savannah,             Georgia, October 10, 1998.

"How to Prepare High School Foreign Language Students for College Foreign Language Courses."  Alabama Independent School Association in service workshop,          Montgomery, AL, October 7, 2002.


Creative Publications


Poems published in:    La March Hispánica, Linden Lane Magazine, Hiram Poetry                                                 Review, Concourse, Chasqui, Pivot, Oxford Magazine, Dialogue


Research Interests


20th-century poetry, especially the Spanish American avant-garde and Brazilian modernism; aesthetics, especially poetics, humor theory, and the sublime.


Courses Taught


Brigham Young University-Idaho


                        Spanish 101-102 Beginning Spanish

                        Spanish 201 Second Year Spanish

                        Spanish 302 Readings in Hispanic Literature for Advanced Speakers

                        Spanish 321 Advanced Grammar and Composition

                        Spanish 339 Introduction to Literary Analysis

                        Spanish 441 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature

                        Spanish 451 Masterpieces of Latin American Literature

Spanish 490R Spanish Special Topics-Vanguardismo; Don Quijote; Catholicism in the Hispanic World


Huntingdon College


                        Spanish 101-102-103 Elementary Spanish

                        Spanish 211 Intermediate Reading and Conversation

                        Spanish 212 Intermediate Grammar and Composition

                        Spanish 308 introduction to Hispanic Literature

                        Spanish 311 Iberian Culture and Civilization

                        Spanish 321 Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation

                        Spanish 381 Advanced Grammar

                        Spanish 408 Survey of Spanish Literature

                        Spanish 410 Survey of Latin American Literature

                        LAS 101 Liberal Arts Symposium--Origins

                        LAS 102 Liberal Arts Symposium-Justice

                        LAS 201/202 Liberal Arts Symposium-Beauty

                        LAS 201/202 Liberal Arts Symposium-Humor


Penn State University


                        Spanish 3 Third-Semester Spanish

                        Spanish 100 Intermediate Spanish Grammar

                        Spanish 200 Intermediate Spanish Composition

                        Spanish 400 Advanced Composition and Stylistics

                        Portuguese 1 First-Semester Portuguese

                        Portuguese 2 Second-Semester Portuguese


Brigham Young University


                        Spanish 101 First-Semester Spanish

                        Spanish 102 Second-Semester Spanish

                        Spanish 302 Intermediate Spanish Grammar and Reading

                        Spanish 321 Advanced Spanish Grammar

                        Spanish 451 Survey of Latin American Literature (Assistant to Professor                                        Merlin Forster)


Foreign Residence, Travel, and Study Abroad


Brazil (January 1985-September 1996): Volunteer representative of the Church of Jesus    Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Mexico (May-June 1990): Study abroad, Brigham Young University

Mexico (May-June 1992): Graduate student teaching assistant with Professor Russell        Cluff for Brigham Young University study abroad

Spain (June 1995): Private tourism

Spain (January 2000): Leader of student excursion, Huntingdon College

Belize (May 2000): Co-leader of student excursion, Huntingdon College

Mexico (July 2002): Leader of study abroad program, Huntingdon College


Service to Huntingdon College


            Committee Work


                        Travel Committee, 1997-2001, including two years as Chair.  I was                                                 instrumental in developing and clarifying travel policy for the                                              benefit of administration, faculty and students.

                        Academic Policy Committee, Fall 2000-2003

                        Purpose and Institutional Effectiveness Committee (for SACS                                                        reaccreditation self study)

                        Core Curriculum Committee 1999-2000

                        Dean's Summer School/Jan Term Task Force, Spring 2001

                        Continuing Ed. Advisory Board, 1999-2003


            Program Coordinator


                        Coordinator of Modern Languages and Spanish Program

                        Developed complete curriculum for new Spanish major and minor

                        Played instrumental role in planning, promoting and teaching a new                                                Intensive Summer Spanish program

                        Developed and administered placement testing program for Spanish

                        Advisor to Spanish majors and minors

                        Chaired search committee for a full-time Spanish position; also                                                        instrumental in hiring part-time instructors


            Advisory Responsibilities


                        Spanish Club

                        Bagpipe Club

                        Faculty Advisor for Class of 2003

                        Prelude (student literary magazine) Advisory Staff