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Department Policies

Vertical Credit

            Students who receive a "C" (not "C-") grade or better in a 102, 201, 202, or 302 class may receive vertical credit for the classes that are prerequisites to that class.  The grade will be "P".  Please go to our Advising Center in 269 Smith to pick up a vertical credit form and receive help in filling it out and getting it submitted.

Credit by Examination

           Students may not challenge a class they are enrolled in.  Also, language exams for credit are not offered to native speakers. 

           Exams for credit may be taken at any time during or after being enrolled in the higher class; i.e., a student may challenge 101, 102, and 201 while taking 202/302 or after completing 202/302.

            For languages taught at BYU-Idaho, students may choose to accept the letter grade earned or a "P" grade.  For languages not taught at BYU-I, the grade will be "P".

            No credit will be given when the exam grade is lower than "C".  "C-" will not earn credit.

            Once a student accepts or rejects a grade, he cannot change it.

            Please refer to "Language Exams for Credit" under "Resources" on this website for more information.


            Students who have taken language classes prior to their missions may use the exam grade as a "retake" to improve their transcript.

            Since Spanish 202 is not offered by examination, and Spanish-speaking returned missionaries are not permitted to take Spanish 202, Spanish 302 may be used as a "retake" of Spanish 202.

            A "P" grade may not be used as a "retake" grade.