Course Offerings

In the Department of Languages & International Studies, courses are taught in Chinese, French, German, Language, Russian, Spanish, and TESOL.  Each course is listed below.  For further information and course descriptions, click here.



Chin 101 Beginning Mandarin I 

Chin 102 Beginning Mandarin II

Chin 201 Intermediate Mandarin I

Chin 202 Intermediate Mandarin II

Chin 301 Advanced Mandarin I

Chin 302 Advanced Mandarin II

Chin 345 Chinese Culture

Chin 347 Chinese Literature Translation

Chin 377 Chinese Teaching Methods

Chin 490 Independent Study

Chin 401 Advanced Topics in Mandarin Chinese 1 (Only offered to qualified students as part of Semester in Beijing program. Not currently offered on BYU-Idaho campus.

Chin 402 Advanced Topics in Mandarin Chinese 2 (Only offered to qualified students as part of Semester in Beijing program. Not currently offered on BYU-Idaho campus.)



FR 101 Beginning French I

FR 102 Beginning French II

FR 201 Intermediate French

FR 202 Introduction to French Literature (entry level for French-speaking returned missionaries)

FR 321 Advanced Grammar and Composition

FR 377 French Teaching Methods

FR 400 French Civilization and Culture

FR 410 Masterpieces of Francophone Literture



Ger 101 Beginning German I

Ger 102 Beginning German II

Ger 201 Second Year German

Ger 202 Introduction to German Literature (entry level for German-speaking returned missionaries)

Ger 321 Advanced Grammar and Composition

Ger 377 German Teaching Methods

Ger 400 German Civilization and Culture

Ger 410 German Literature


International Studies

IntSt 100 Introduction to International Studies

IntSt 300 Global Citizenship

IntSt 341 East Asia Culture

IntSt 342 Russian Culture

IntSt 343 Eastern Europe Culture

IntSt 344 Western Europe Culture

IntSt 345 Chinese Culture

IntSt 348 Mid Eastern Culture

IntSt 349 African Culture

IntSt 350 Latin American Culture

IntSt 398R Internship in International Studies

IntSt 399R International Studies Experience

IntSt 499 Capstone Seminar in International Studies



LANG 298 Foreign Language Internship

LANG 321 Advanced Grammar in Languages

LANG 400 Civilization and Culture

LANG 410 Language and Literary Traditions



Russ 101 Beginning Russian I

Russ 102 Beginning Russian II

Russ 201 Intermediate Russion I

Russ 202 Intermediate Russion II (entry level for Russian-speaking returned missionaries)

Russ 301 Third Year Russian Part I

Russ 302 Third Year Russian Part II

Russ 340 Russian Literature - Translation

Rus 342 Russian Culture

Russ 377 Russian Teaching Methods



Span 101 Beginning Spanish I

Span 102 Beginning Spanish II

Span 201 Second Year Spanish

Span 202 Readings in Hispanic Literature

Span 302 Readings in Hispanic Literature for Advanced Speakers (entry level for Spanish-speaking returned missionaries)

Span 321 Advanced Grammar and Composition

Span 325 Phonetics and Conversation

Span 339 Introduction to Literary Analysis

Span 350 Hispanic Civilization and Culture

Span 377 Spanish Teaching Methods

Span 441 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature

Span 451 Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature

Span 490R Spanish Special Topics

Span 497 Spanish Teaching Practicum



TESOL 200 Fundamentals of TESOL

TESOL 377 TESOL Teaching Methods

TESOL 497 TESOL Practicum