Competency Credit

Language Tests

The language exams for credit are typically offered to returned missionaries in the language of their missions. One cannot take these exams unless one has had a prolonged non-academic exposure to the language being tested, which, in most cases, is a lengthy foreign residency experience. These exams are not for students whose native language is the language of the test.   Students may not test out of a class they are enrolled in.

The exams for all languages are taken online through the BYU FLATS test.  They can be taken in our Testing Center or at one of the proctor locations listed on the website.  Students will be notified of their results and will receive up to 12 hours of Pass credit on their transcripts for the tests they pass.  For more information regarding the FLATS test and/or to register, please go to this website:

Vertical Credit

Students who begin their language study at a higher level and receive a C grade or better may petition up to 12 hours of vertical credit for the courses they skip.  For help with this option, please contact  Native speakers are not eligible for vertical credit.