The College of Language & Letters is dedicated to the study of Languages, Literature, Composition, History, Political Science, Geography, Humanities, and Philosophy.  Each department recognizes the need to expand the students' writing, reasoning, speaking, and critical thinking skills.

The college is home to fifteen majors and twenty-two minors.  Of the fifteen majors, six are teacher education specific, and among the twenty-two minors, ten also deal with preparing future educators.  The college takes its role in the preparation of teachers very seriously.  We strive to have our students obtain high Praxis pass rates, solid student teaching ratings, success in finding employment, and acceptance into graduate schools for those desiring further education. 

We endeavor to assure that our nine non-education majors will afford their graduates good career opportunities and/or graduate school placement.  It is also hoped that our twelve non-education minors provide students with ancillary skills that will serve them well in their careers and in many other facets of life.

Besides producing highly educated people, the College of Languages & Letters is committed to assist the University in its broader mission to develop good citizens, strong families, and people of deep spirituality.  It is hoped that the teaching in this college will foster within the students a dedication to living life in a way consistent with the hightest of moral principles.