Tim Ng

Teaching in china

From Rexburg to the Googleplex: Tim Ng

BYU-Idaho led Tim Ng to his current job at Google. He studied International Studies with an emphasis in Chinese, and credits his mission for his multilingual skills, which include English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. He said that being multilingual has truly broadened his perspective.

Tim said that he was very pleased with his time at BYU-Idaho, and said he gave his very best in all areas of college life. "Course selection is a real strategy in college," he said, "and I did a really good job, but maybe played it a little too safe (in terms of preserving a high GPA)." Tim said all of his electives have made a positive impact in his life, even weight lifting class.

As an International Studies major, Tim had the chance to study abroad. Tim had the opportunity to be a part of BYU-Idaho's first semester abroad program in Beijing, China. He was able to study at the Capital Normal University while taking Chinese language classes, and said he tried to spend as little time possible at school in order to experience Beijing and its people.  Tim said that the experience gave him an improved view of modern China and global business and politics. From a professional standpoint, he says it was "incredibly insightful."

He said that the "linguistic understanding" of another language has helped him not only to understand his own language better, but that it has benefited him in the "personal way of speaking, thinking, and communicating." Tim went on to say that, "language tries to convey meaning, and meaning is what humans desire in life, so knowing multiple languages opens you up to greater meaning in life." In a professional aspect, Tim has not had to employ much of his multilingual skills, but as he works with people from all across the planet, being able to greet them in their native language has helped to foster a relationship of trust more quickly.

After his time at BYU-Idaho, Tim earned a Master's degree in Religion, Philosophy & Art from Yale University. Currently, Tim is employed at Google, as an Administrative Business Partner. Throughout his time at BYU-Idaho, Yale University, and Google, he has come to understand what analytical thinking truly is. In regard to analytical thinking, Tim believes that it should be seen as a life skill instead of a career one. For him personally, analytical thinking has been more useful to him when making/planning big life decisions, like where to move, when to move, or deciding which job and educational opportunities to pursue. In Tim's current career, analytical thinking comes into play when he is deciding the best way to word or communicate something when writing an email or instructional document. Overall, Tim believes that "the role of analytical thinking is to give you an accurate, relevant perspective of polyvalent interests and priorities, and be able to proceed with the most effective actions."

Not only has critical thinking been an important aspect in his career, but so has creativity. When it comes to being creative on the job, the majority of Tim's creative opportunities come from his written communications. Working within the tech industry means that work is "fast and busy" for Tim, and the need to be concise and engaging in writing is critical. He also has the opportunity to plan events, formal and fun. Tim said, "There is a lot of room to be creative in manipulating space to create a specific mood or environment. My studies in art, aesthetics, and architecture have helped here." The skills he learned at BYU-Idaho have definitely influenced his life and career.