• Matt Miles

    Politics Outside the Tower: Matt Miles

    According to Matt Miles, your opinion of the current president was determined before you were born. His article, “Some Folks You Just Can’t Reach: The Genetic Heritability of Presidential Approval,” states that your opinion of the president isn’t dependent on your morals, views, or experience; it’s your genetic makeup.

  • Shawn Austin

    BYU-Idaho Alumnus Shawn Austin: A Talent On Stage and Off

    From theatre to history to teaching, Professor Shawn Austin has a repertoire of talents.

  • English professor Steve Stewart

    Master of Translation: BYU-Idaho Faculty Member Steve Stewart

    Brother Stewart is both English professor and Spanish translator. Translation has always been a talent for him, and now he's using it to share great literary works with a wider range of readers.

  • BYU-Idaho graduate Tim Ng

    In Pursuit of Truth: BYU-Idaho Alumnus Tim Ng

    Tim's education has helped him learn how to identify and recognize truth, both secular and spiritual. As he begins a new job at Google, he hopes to continue learning throughout his life and expand these truths.