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Writer, Teacher, Dreamer: Kim Beckert

Kimberly Beckert didn't lie in bed as a little girl dreaming of being a teacher. She didn't even go to Brigham Young University-Idaho with the intent of receiving a teaching degree. But as she found out, life doesn't always turn out the way you plan. A writer, a teacher, a Star Wars enthusiast, Beckert believes in following her dreams no matter what.

Beckert's search for a job was a humbling one. As an English major with office experience, Beckert was confident that she would find an office job right after graduation. It didn't quite turn out that way. Beckert sent out over twenty-five job applications before hearing back from two, and receiving an interview from one-and that one just happened to be a teaching position in Avondale, Arizona.

Beckert works as a paraprofessional teacher in a K-8 school. She works with small groups of students who are having trouble with reading and writing. Though teaching wasn't her first choice, she still derives satisfaction from her job. Of teaching, Beckert said, "When students are able to understand something for themselves or find the answer to a question all by themselves, that gives me a lot of joy."

Beckert knew from early on that teaching wasn't her passion. About a year before graduating, Beckert took advantage of an opportunity to teach English to children in Mexico. It was an eye-opening experience, and Beckert decided that she wasn't cut out to manage a classroom. This knowledge carried through to her job-hunting experience, and understandably, she wasn't thrilled when the only job response she got was a teaching position. However, her opportunity to work with a smaller group of children has given her experience and, yes, even joy.

Beckert's job search isn't over. She understands the unlikelihood of finding her dream job on her first try. Her attitude is one of learning, growing, and never giving up. Her advice to English majors is to not settle. Though teaching is her job, "writing is my lifeblood." She took a job as a teacher even though it "wasn't [her] thing," and it is a wonderful learning experience for her, but it is not what she wants her career to be.

She learned at BYU-I that in order to achieve your dreams you have to be professional and hard-working. And though she didn't get her dream job right out of college, she isn't ready to throw in the towel. When asked what advice she would give to current BYU-I students, Beckert said, "Don't give up. Keep working toward your goals and dream job. Keep writing every day. Keep editing and revising."

Beckert is going to complete the school year and continue her search for that dream job. In the meantime, she is going to keep dreaming, writing, editing, and revising.