Everyone wants to be informed and be heard. We belive these tools will provide you with high-level information and allow you to contribute your thoughts:

President of BYU-Idaho
Facebook page

Join the President through regular posts as he shares his personal thoughts and welcomes comments from employees and students.

Campus Video Network (CVN)

Using the latest video technology, view timely university messages on monitors located in nearly every building on campus.

BYU-Idaho Facebook page

Get official announcements and other important information from the university through this interactive social media tool.

New format for President's Q&A

Meet face-to-face with the President and vice presidents to get your questions answered immediately. This meeting is held regularly and changes days so every employee has the opportunity to attend. In addition, off-campus employees will now be able to pose questions and participate via live webcast.

University Blog

Learn about BYU-Idaho updates, event information, and answers to questions that affect the community.

Improved email updates

Read university emails geared more toward you and your interests. Whether employees work on campus or not, university emails will keep them informed with relevant information.

Employee Blog

Get the latest decisions and information from President’s Council and President’s Executive Group (PEG). BYU-Idaho employees will have access to the highest-level of information and the opportunity to provide their thoughts.

Additional Communication Resources

Upward: BYU-Idaho's Official Online
Update »
See beautiful photo galleries, powerful videos, and informative infographics in the latest issue of Upward.

Perspective Magazine » Learn how to enhance the quality of learning and teaching at BYU-Idaho through faculty articles and insights.

Training » Find training, read management articles, and access communication tips to help you in your stewardship.