As employees at BYU-Idaho, we are more successful when we have access to useful information. To make that happen, university leaders are committed to sharing ideas, plans, and policies with you in a timely manner.


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Vice presidents and line managers at every level of the university have committed to share information and foster effective communication in the following ways:

Vice presidents will:

  • share information from President's Executive Group (PEG) and President’s Council with line management and in the Employee Blog,
  • accompany the President on visits to departments for personal interaction and questions, and
  • make regular personal visits in their respective areas.
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Line managers throughout the university have committed to assist vice presidents by implementing several practices designed to assist the flow of information.

Line managers will:

  • hold regular staff meetings in each of their areas,
  • include a communication agenda item in all management meetings,
  • have regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings with their employees,
  • listen to suggestions and surface issues from their individual areas, and
  • communicate to supervisors the needs and suggestions within their stewardship.

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