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Note: This page is not intended to outline all internship policies and guidelines, but serves as a general source of information. For further information, please visit with your faculty internship coordinator.

International Internships
International Internship Insurance Form
Entrepreneurial Internships
Entrepreneurial Internship Sample Business Plan
On-campus Internships
Application for Non-traditional Alternative Internship Course (Online Business Majors Only)

General Guidelines

Internship Courses

  • Internship courses are for credit and will receive a letter grade (not pass/fail).
  • Internship courses require assignments to be submitted that will determine your grade for the course.  The course syllabus will be available on I-Learn once you are registered, or can be obtained from your internship faculty coordinator.
  • To receive credit for an internship students must complete the Internship Approval Process. This should be done before starting the internship if possible, or within the first three weeks of work.
  • Students must complete an end-of-experience evaluation for the University.  This is in addition to any evaluation or assignment given by your faculty internship coordinator.  

Experiences not qualifying for Internship Credit:

  • Door-to-door sales
  • Call-center phone-based positions
  • Telecommuting, work-from-home and internet research-based positions unless pre-approved by the Academic Discovery Center.

Length and Hour Requirements

  • Internships must be a minimum of 7 weeks, 10 hours per week, to be considered for academic credit.  However, each department has specific requirements for internship hours.  Please check with your department internship coordinator for complete details.
  • Students are encouraged to work full-time for the entire length of a semester if possible, to ensure they have the most valuable experience.