MesoAmerica Tour


The MesoAmerica Tour is a BYU-Idaho academic travel excursion through Mexico, the Yucatan, Guatemala (tentative), and Belize.

What we will do and see?

Highlights include Mexico City Temple, ancient pyramids, rainforests, volcanoes, cathedrals, folkdance, Aztec, Olmec, and Maya ruins, waterfalls, river swims, cave exploration, canyons, boat tours, zip-line treks, traditional textiles, authentic cuisine, service projects, Pathway sites, exotic birding, iguanas, zoos, museums, snorkeling, testimony meeting, white beaches, blue water, great friends, life-changing learning.


First block of Spring Semester 2014

Program Cost

Tour cost - $2,795 

Tour cost includes all transportation, food, lodging, and entry fees during travel. This does not include tuition.

Additional costs may include: Souvenirs, film, camera, snacks, water (about $2/day), passport application fee, books and supplies for classes, room and board for two weeks in Rexburg prior to travel (you may stay with friends, family, bishop, professor, or in dorms for a low daily rate)

Available Courses

Students MUST take at least 5 credits and can take up to 10 credits. All students will take the required Sociology 490R Latin American Studies - 1 or 2 credits. Current course options include:

  • FDREL 122 Second half of Book of Mormon
  • FDREL 327 Pearl of Great Price
  • REL 343 Church History-1900 to Present
  • FDAMF 101 American Foundations
  • FDSCI 101 Science Foundations
  • BIO 250 Agricultural and Life Sciences
  • BIO 490 Special Topics: Identifying Birds of Mesoamerica
  • SOC 390R Mesoamerica
  • INTST 350 Latin American Studies
  • SPAN 490 Independent Study: Spanish Tutor/Translator

Application Requirements

Pick up an application packet from a director or from the Religion Department Office (Taylor 202). You can also download an application here.

Take your application to Brother Rowe (Taylor 104). (Slide it under his door if he's not there) You will receive an e-mail notifying you of your acceptance. Once you are accepted, payment of a nonrefundable $300 deposit is required to confirm your place with the tour.

Who can apply?

All BYU-Idaho students can apply regardless of track or major.

Faculty Contacts

Tate Carter

Office: Benson 294K

Phone: 208-496-4608


William Riggins

Office: Taylor 202B

Phone: 208-496-3952


BJ Rowe

Office: Taylor 104

Phone: 208-496-3953