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Mediterranean Religious History Tour

Turkey Blue Mosque Fountain


Mediterranean Religious History Tour - Fall 2014 (1st Block)

Walk in the Footsteps of the Apostles in ancient "Asian Minor" - modern Turkey and Greece.
This three week academic travel study will provide you priceless learning opportunities such as

· Sail on the Bosphorus Straits
· See multiple ancient Greek and Roman cities
· Visit the Isle of Patmos- the place of John the Revelator's exile
· Hike to ancient holy sites and monasteries of early Christendom
· Get close up with ancient Greek and Roman architecture
· Visit the unforgettable cities of Athens and Istanbul
· Become acquainted with ancient and modern Mediterranean cultures
· Make many new friends
· Study world religions in their homelands


Dates: September 15 - October 16 (1 week in Rexburg for pre-tour classroom preparation, the balance on
sight in Turkey and Greece)

Program Costs

Price: $3,999.00 (tentative depending on flight costs) - this includes all flights, transportation, meals
(except lunches), all lodging, entrance fees and costs for all attractions.

Additional costs: Tuition for selected courses (3 credits min., 9-10 credits max), spending money, course
materials, food and lodging in Rexburg during the pre-tour class period (1 week).

Available Courses

BYU-Idaho Courses available for credit:

· REL 212, New Testament
· REL 351, The Gospel and World Religions
· REL 352, The Gospel and Christian History
· PHIL 201, Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
· HUM 201, The Arts in Western Culture
· HIST 201, World Civilizations to 1500 A.D.
· HIST 304, Greece and Ancient Rome


Click on the link for the application.