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Application Deadline - February 28, 2017

The BYU-Idaho semester in France program is designed for any students interested in learning French from beginners with no previous experience with the language, to advanced students. Courses for the program take place in Montpellier at the IEFE (Institut d'Etudes Françaises pour Etrangers), on the campus of the Université Montpellier III Paul Valéry. The University of Montpellier, founded in the 13th century and known worldwide for its rigorous academic programs, is one of the oldest in Europe. Montpellier is a very lively, highly cultural town on the Mediterranean coast, approximately 125 miles from Spain, 220 miles from Italy, and 470 miles from Paris. Montpellier is surrounded by numerous historical sites and monuments, with some of the best preserved monuments of Greek and Roman antiquity. Similarly, Montpellier is a marvel of historical buildings standing as witnesses of the medieval ages, the Renaissance, as well as the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. The location of Montpellier is particularly significant in terms of religious history; the first Christians in France lived in southern France in and around Montpellier, as did the Cathars, the first victims of the inquisition. Several popes lived close to Montpellier as well, and the first crusades set sail from Aigues-Mortes (the medieval port close to Montpellier). At one point in history, Montpellier had the largest population of Protestants (Huguenots) in France. Not only is Montpellier a treasure of historical import, but it is also rich in cultural offerings such as museums, concerts, restaurants, open-air markets, and typical life in a thriving, modern French city.

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Early September - December 18, 2017

Program Cost

It is important that students are aware of program requirements and details before formally applying to the program.

  • Please review the information regarding the program here and then contact the program director, Bro. David Pigott, for a preliminary interview to discuss your interest. You may reach Bro. Pigott at

Payable to BYU-Idaho

  • Tuition - Standard 2016-2017 BYU-Idaho tuition
  • Program Fee - $300 (includes administrative costs, HTH insurance, etc.)

Personal Expenses

  • Food - $1,100 (if you eat at the university cafeteria and cook your own food. If you want to eat out, it will cost more money)
  • Personal/transportation in France - $500
  • Airfare - $1,500
  • Visa and visa procurement expenses - $500
  • Agency fee (for home stay) - $75
  • Housing - $1,500
  • French gov't insurance (required) - $300
  • Sightseeing field trips - roughly $2000 but this varies upon your interest and plans.
TOTAL: $5,475 + sightseeing expenses

Available Courses 

All participants MUST take ISP 200 - International Pre-Departure Study, a 1 credit class online, before Fall Semester 2017.  It is offered during the 2nd block of Winter and Spring Semesters.

For students who will be off-track and away from campus during the time they enroll in ISP 200 there will course fees to pay. Students will also need to pay for any expense of getting current on immunizations as needed.

  • French 101
  • French 102
  • French 201
  • French 202
  • French 321
  • International Studies 399R

The courses you will take in France will be the equivalent of 12 credits.

NOTE: Since the IEFE is an official national institution following the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), you will be issued, at the end of the program and based on satisfactory results, an official university diploma called «Diplôme Universitaire d'Études Françaises» (DUEF) which is recognized internationally and throughout Europe.

Application Requirements

Application Deadline: February 28, 2017

Prerequisites: French 101

Please note that an endorsement from your bishop is required for your acceptance in the program, in other words you have to be a worthy and active member of your ward to be able to participate in this program. You will also be expected to be a worthy and active member in your ward in France.

How to Apply

Application Deadline: February 28, 2017

  1. Review the information on this website to familiarize yourself with this program.
  2. Download and save the blank application to your computer. After filling out and saving the information, send to Bro. Pigott -
    Please note: Print out the Assumption of Risk and Release Waiver and the Consent to Treatment forms, sign, and turn in to Bro. Pigott in Ricks 262J.


Please note that to be a student in France, you will need to obtain a student visa. To obtain a student visa, you will need to go in person at the nearest French consulate (the closest to Rexburg is in San Francisco). The cost for a student visa is approximately $130.

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  David Pigott

David Pigott

Office: Ricks 262J


Phone: (208) 496-4241