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The European Religious History Travel Study Program is an in-depth study of the Apostasy, Reformation, and Restoration. It is designed to bridge the gap between where the New Testament ends--with Peter and Paul being executed in Rome--and when Joseph Smith experiences the First Vision and sends missionaries back to the European continent with the Restored Gospel.

It provides participants with a unique opportunity to go beyond the traditional classroom and experience first-hand the religious history, art, architecture, culture, language, music, and food of one of the world's most fascinating and culturally rich geographical areas.  On our excursion, we will visit six of Europe's finest countries: France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland, and England. You will embark on the learning adventure of a lifetime that will change the way you view the past, present, future, and the wonderful world in which we live. Join us for a testimony-building journey you will never forget!!

Dates (tentative)

September 13, 2017 - October 8, 2017

Program Cost

Approximately $4300

Additionally standard tuition rates apply.

Europe Tour

Available Courses

FDREL 211, FDREL 212, FDREL 341, FDREL 352, FDREL 390, HUM 202, HUM 385, ART 395, GS Travel Study 110


Application Requirements

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Director: Jeffery Chapman

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Assistant Director: Nate Williams

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Faculty: Kirk Astel

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Faculty: Stan Kivett

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Faculty: Curtis Castillow

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