Applying to BYU-Idaho

International students that want to attend BYU-I can find information about how to apply online here. Questions about applying and admission to BYU-I should be directed to the Admissions office.

Admissions E-mail Address -

Admissions Phone Number - (208) 496-1411

Form I-20

After international students (transfer students included) have been admitted to BYU-Idaho, received a track assignment, and accepted their offer, they can begin to apply for Form I-20.

The Form I-20, Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status, is a U.S. Department of Homeland Security document issued to F-1 international students who have been accepted into a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) certified school. This form is issued by International Services at BYU-I.

International students will receive a Form I-20 from their designated school official (DSO). Students must also obtain a Form I-20 for any eligible dependents (spouse or children) they plan to bring to the U.S. F-1 Students must be issued an I-20 before scheduling a visa interview. The Form I-20 is required for international students to obtain a student visa, to enter the U.S., and to study in the U.S. The Form I-20 establishes that a student meets the basic criteria for non-immigrant student status. 

International students should be aware of the following items needed to apply for Form I-20:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Proof of Funds
    • Prospective international students must provide proof of credible sources of funding. This is required to show that the student has enough resources to study and live in the US for the entirety of their study program.
    • There are multiple acceptable forms of proof of funds, including, but not limited to:
      • Personal bank statements
      • Documentation from a sponsor
      • Family bank statements
      • Financial aid such as loans or scholarships
    • If a student is being sponsored, a sponsorship form must be filled out to show where school funding will come from.
    • Sponsor Form
    • If a student is being sponsored, they will need to provide a signed sponsor form with a corresponding bank statement showing enough funds for the first year of the student’s schooling.
      • All bank statements must be in English whether it be provided by the bank or translated by a professional.
      • A letter issued by the bank stating the amount of funds is acceptable
      • Proof of funds must be liquidated money – be able to withdraw from it at any time.
    • International students will need to show at least:
      • $12,500 USD for LDS students
      • $16,500 USD for Non-LDS students
      • A deposit is required for international students. It must be paid before International Services will issue an I-20. Click here for more information on the deposit policy.
      • $4,000 USD for LDS students
      • $6,000 USD for Non-LDS students
      • How to pay the international deposit
  • Complete the Financial Readiness Module on Canvas (ILearn
    • Students will be added to ILearn and the course soon after being admitted to school.
    • This module is to help international students understand the costs of attending school in the US.
    • Student must pass the course with 100% and upload a financial budget which must be approved by International Services before being issued an I-20.

Apply for an I-20 here.

Example I-20

Once students have received their I-20 they must pay the SEVIS fee (link to another page).

I-901 SEVIS Fee

International students who have been issued an Initial Form I-20 are required to pay the I-901 Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) before being issued a visa. Canadian students are required to pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee before crossing into the US. The I-901 SEVIS fee is $350 for F-1s students and $220 for J-1 students and is non-refundable.

Students with a country of birth or citizenship of Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, or Nigeria must pay by money order or a certified check from a US bank. Currently, these students will have their I-901 SEVIS Fee taken out of their international student deposit by International Services and paid to SEVIS.

Once the I-901 SEVIS Fee is paid students should print a copy of the receipt to take to their visa interview.

Students can pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee at Click here for instructions on how to pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee.

Visa Application Process

International students (not including Canadians) must apply for a student visa to study in the US. BYU-I gives supporting documents for F-1 (I-20) and J-1 (DS-2019) students. The F-1 visa allows students to enter the US as a full-time student at an accredited university. The J-1 visa allows scholars and exchange visitors to obtain training within the US.

Students should not apply or make an appointment for a student visa without the Form I-20. F-1 visas will not be issued without a Form I-20 or paying the SEVIS fee. Here is information about applying for a visa and how to find the US embassy or consulate closest to you.

Visa application tips:

1. Be sure to have strong ties to home country.

2. Practice your English and plan for the interview to be conducted in English.

3. Do not bring others with you to your interview, speak for yourself.

4. Be familiar with your program of study and how it applies to your future career plans when you return home.

5. Be brief and to the point.

6. Remember your purpose for coming to the US is to study, not to work.

7. Additional documents should be clear and easily evaluated.

8. Have a positive attitude