Reporting Suspected Fraud, Waste or Abuse

Anyone who has concerns about unethical behavior has a responsibility to report such action to appropriate personnel.  (See policy on Reporting on Fraudulent Activity [3-6]).

Items to be reported include, but are not limited to:

  • Fraudulent activities (e.g., conflicts of interest, kickbacks, extortion, fictitious transactions, etc.)
  • Wasting or abuse of University assets or resources
  • Noncompliance with federal, state, or local laws and regulations
  • Noncompliance with Unviersity policies and procedures

Raising such concerns is a service to the University and will not jeopardize your employment.

How to make a report:

You may submit a report by:

What not to report through this hotline:

While there are a variety of items that should be reported through the Compliance Hotline, we request that if you have a concern about one of the following items, you report it through the appropriate channel:

  • If you witness or have knowledge of a reportable theft or other criminal activity (other than fraud, waste, or abuse of University resources), please notify the University Police at 496-3000;
  • If you have a work-related concern, you should speak with your supervisor or an employee in the University office that has oversight authority for your concern;
  • If you have employment-related concerns, such as harrassment, discrimination, hiring, etc., please notify Human Resources at 496-1700;
  • If you have knowledge of honor code violations, please report them to the Dean of Students Office (student-related) at 496-9200 or Human Resources (employee-related) at 496-1700;
  • If you have academic-related faculty concerns, please report them to Academic Administration at 496-1141.

Protection for Reporting

The University shall keep confidential the identity of the person making a report under this policy unless the person consents to or a governmental authority compels the disclosure. Confidentiality means disclosure will be made only to University personnel or agents who have a legitmate need to know in order to perform their responsibilities to the University. No adverse action may be taken against any person who makes a report under this policy, reports reasonable suspicions of fraud in the workplace to a governmental authority, or participates in a judicial, administrative, legislative or University proceeding related to such allegations. Violations of this provision must be reported to the Internal Auditor. Violations by the Internal Auditor must be reported to the University General Counsel. See policy on Reporting of Fraudulent Activity (3-6).