${Value} President Henry J. Eyring talks at an Interdisciplinary Studies forum.

President Henry J. Eyring explains how becoming an interdisciplinary thinker can benefit students in education, in careers, and in the eternities at an Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) Forum.

On Thursday, March 23, President Eyring talks about how "cross-cutting forms of knowledge" and being an interdisciplinary thinker are important skill sets not only for this life, but in the next.

"In the eternities, we will be fully interdisciplinary: an expert in everything," President Eyring said. "Start making that attempt now. It is the best way to pursue your education."

Both President and Sister Eyring openly share personal experiences with sadness, trials, personal health and careers. President Eyring also models the value of interdisciplinarity, giving examples from history and literature, quoting Shakespeare from memory, and answering questions submitted ahead of time by online and campus IDS students.

President Eyring acknowledges that we should study things in academic disciplines. "We have a world now full of technology and cross-cutting forms of knowledge that require us to have fundamental understanding of at least a particular discipline."

President Eyring explains the value of a newer approach that integrates learning communities across the university campus through IDS at BYU-Idaho.  "Very few academic institutions have ever designed, either in their curriculum or their departmental structures, this cross-cutting image."

"So that is why it is very, very valuable for you to have on this campus the interdisciplinary studies program and be aware of your need to take a cross-cutting view of everything you study," President Eyring said.

Watch the entire forum on our Interdisciplinary Studies Video Channel here: https://video.byui.edu/media/IDS+Forum+-+President+and+Sister+Eyring+-+3+23+17/0_mvmuoll7/66302962