There are three combinations to create an Interdisciplinary Studies degree:
Two Large Circles
Two Concentrations
Large circle and small circle
A Concentration
and a Minor
Large circle and 2 small squares
A Concentration
and Two Clusters
Concentrations are pre-defined groupings of core courses that provide students with focused, in-depth knowledge of disciplines of their choice and interest. Concentrations are listed in the Interdisciplinaty Studies section of the catalog, and also under the department they relate to.

Students who apply to be an IDS major must:

  • Demonstrate how your custom degree will meet career objectives.
  • Decide which combination you'd like to pull together and have your plan approved by an advisor.
  • Online students will be limited in their program options in concentration options.
  • Some combinations students have had success with.
  • Apply early enough in their educational path to be able to accomplish the degree requirements.
  • If you have high credits already (over 60) please consult with an advisor as soon as possible to see if an IDS option could still work for you.

If you already have over 60 credits, you must consult with an advisor as soon as possible.

The interdisciplinary Studies office does not offer advising services