Have you ever thought of pursuing a specific career but couldn’t find a degree in which you could learn and develop the right skills for? Brenden Taylor, a senior at BYU-Idaho, has utilized the Interdisciplinary Studies major as a way of combating this struggle.

Brenden is an Interdisciplinary Studies major working towards being an audio broadcaster. While there isn’t a specific major for his chosen field of study here at BYU-Idaho, interdisciplinary studies offers the option to customize his degree so he can build his own career.

“It kind of saved me from being stuck in something that I didn’t really want to do. It gives me the freedom to learn about the things that I want even though there isn’t quite a major for what I wanted to do,” said Brenden.

Brenden started as a CIT major before he made the switch to Interdisciplinary Studies. In hopes of becoming an Audio Broadcaster he has chosen a concentration in CIS with a cluster in Music Recording and another in Communication Management.

This semester Brenden is taking the IDS Capstone Course, a course that every IDS major is required to complete. As part of this course, students complete a major project that showcases and incorporates the three areas of study chosen in a student’s IDS degree.

“My project is called the Greenwood Sessions. I am recording local bands and artists with live sessions at the Basement music venue and we’re doing studio sessions,” said Brenden.

Brenden owns and runs the Basement music venue and works at a friend’s studio. He also has coordinated with other people to help with his project, including a small team of volunteers that he manages.

“I’m doing a video every week; running shows, booking things, recording it, mixing it and editing it. I have a little bit of help with advertising and marketing from other people that are doing their senior projects,” said Brenden.

As Brenden has worked to complete his project, he has realized many benefits that would help him build his portfolio and successfully market himself to future employers.

“Speed is a valuable skill set with editing. I’ve been able to find more of a routine and get things done faster,” said Brenden.

Through his experiences so far in his project he gives some advice to other students who are soon taking the course.

“Have a solid plan and try to do something fun - I had been planning on doing this for a year now,” said Brenden, “It’s really what I love to do so I’ve had a lot of fun with it.”

At the Basement venue, there is typically a show every week and Brenden is sharing his videos which you can find on the Greenwood Sessions YouTube channel. Below you can tune in to one of his videos featuringEast Idaho AfroBeat Allstars.