• Interdisciplinary Studies Virtual Forum with Tim Ng on June 8th at 7pm MDT

    IDS Forums for 2017 Spring Semester Announced

    Tim Ng will be the keynote speaker at the Interdisciplinary Studies Virtual Forum on June 8; Current IDS students will deliver presentations on their internships and capstone projects on June 29.

  • Thumbnail of News Article: "Benefits of hiring an IDS Major"

    Employers Realize Benefits of Hiring IDS Majors

    A majority of employers believe that having both a field-specific knowledge and a broad range of skills is most important for continuing career success, according to a study conducted by The Association of American Colleges and Universities.

  • IDS Student Alli Brock Murray posing in the hall of the Spori Building

    Choosing Classes from a Career Instead of the Catalog

    Alli's Story: Turning a distant dream into a career centered degree.

  • Thumbnail Image of Winter Scene with Taylor Building

    Leadership Changes in Foundations & Interdisciplinary Studies

    Changes in leadership structure were announced during Winter semester, creating new positions in the College of Foundations and Interdisciplinary Studies.

  • BYU-Idaho President Henry B. Eyring speaking at an IDS Forum

    Why IDS Prepares Students for the Eternities

    "In the eternities, we will be fully interdisciplinary: an expert in everything."