Expeditions are available to all students looking for ways to connect with future employers and network with alumni and industry professionals. Though expeditions often call for students from specific departments, IDS majors can apply for expeditions that are relevant to their IDS degree.

Expeditions are an off-campus opportunity to network with professionals (employers, alumni, companies, etc.) that are relevant to the students’ academic course of study or career path. They are also great for finding out where you would be willing to be located during an internship or job opportunity.

IDS students can contact the Career Center to find out which expeditions work with specific emphases. They choose students based on the relevance of their degree to jobs in the companies being visited. IDS students can contact the Career Center upon applying so that the Career Center knows to watch for their application. They can help IDS students clarify the relevance of their degree for a particular expedition.. Students who go on expeditions should serious about networking and understanding different internship and job opportunities.

You can find and apply for expeditions that BYU-I puts on every semester.

Students are responsible for paying for a portion of the expenses and the University covers the remaining cost. Some expeditions have specific grade level requirements, but most expeditions accept students of any grade level.

To learn more about upcoming expeditions, visit the expeditions page.

Here are 7 other Career Center resources you should be utilizing if you are trying to find an internship/job:


This is a site that focuses heavily on networking and building a professional profile. You will have a better opportunity getting jobs if you know someone on the inside which you can find in networking on LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn you can connect to alumni and industry professionals as well as people who work in similar positions for companies you would like to work for. It is also a great place to showcase your resume as a profile. You can share skills, experiences and accomplishments on your profile that employers can look at to see if you fit a job description. You can visit the Career Center on campus to set up an appointment and work one on one with a mentor on your LinkedIn profile.

If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, create one today.


Not only can you find expedition events through Handshake, but you can also find job/internship postings with more than 50 new jobs posted daily. This site makes it easy to find and apply to internships and jobs related to your area of study from all over the country. To create your account and begin searching for job listings, visit Handshake.

BYU-I Connect:

BYU-I Connect is a mentoring system that matches students to alumni with similar interests, abilities and skills, so that those connections can flourish and turn into networking. This is a great way to utilize your connections on campus and gain a greater insight about your field of study and the job industry from a professional. To learn more, visit the BYU-I Connect page.

Power to Become(P2B):

P2B is a conference about learning how to discover your passion, tell your story and gives tips on how to network effectively. Here you learn these skills from industry professionals that are interested in your success. To find out more about Power to Become and the next event, visit the p2b page.

Alumni Directory:

The Alumni directory can be accessed through your BYU-Idaho credentials. If you are trying to connect with someone who is BYU-I alumni this is a place where students can go to get contact information so that those connections can be made more easily. (If you can’t find what you’re looking for on LinkedIn, look here. It works as a cross reference to LinkedIn). You can access this page through the Alumni directory.

Internship Missionaries:

If you are interested in working in a specific location you can connect with the internship missionaries located in that area, tell them your major and what kind of job/internship you are interested in and they can help you make connections with professionals in that area. There aren’t internship missionaries in every city but there are many throughout the United States. You can talk to the internship missionaries on campus as well to see what options are available to you. Visit the internship service missionaries page, to learn more about internship missionaries.

Career Center:

The Career Center itself offers many additional resources for building yourself as a student and as a future employee. They offer career preparation resources including resume reviews, practice interviews, cover letter reviews and so much more. The career center can help you prepare for your career.

These resources can all be found right at your fingertips and utilized throughout your time at BYU-Idaho to help you prepare for internships and post graduation jobs. You don’t want to miss out on these opportunities so visit the Career Center today and see what they can do to help you.

Career Center:

Phone: 208-496-9801

Email: careerservices@byui.edu

Location: Manwaring Center 129A