The following actual student combinations are provided as examples only. All student-defined combinations still require an application.

List of Past Combinations:

Spanish Concentration, Administrative Assistant Cluster, HR Management Cluster
POSSIBLE JOBS: Bilingual office manager, HR manager

Creative Writing, Concentration Marketing Cluster, Physical Science & Math Cluster
POSSIBLE JOBS: Writing for the sciences, text book author, program development, marketing

Business Management Concentration, Entrepreneurship Cluster, HR Management Cluster
POSSIBLE JOBS: Self-employed, business development, business management

Apparel Design and Construction Concentration, Business Management Concentration
POSSIBLE JOBS: Clothing store manager, Clothing Designer, Business Owner

Photograph of Students At Graduation in their Cap and Gowns

"Interdisciplinary studies allowed me to tailor a degree to best fit my needs. It’s a great degree with the flexibility I needed to best prepare myself for grad school and my future career."
Joseph Roskelley

Headshot Image of IDS Student Marsi Fredrick

"As a student, deciding a degree to follow was difficult because of the specific field I wanted to study. I started in one major, and switched a few times because I was not satisfied only learning 1/3 of the information I needed for my career choice. Interdisciplinary Studies allowed me to combine my three passions into one. I feel like I have a better direction toward my career, and greater opportunities have opened up for me for the future."
Marsi Frederick