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In IDS 499, students will create an approved capstone project or paper to showcase the skills and competencies developed in the interdisciplinary major. Senior students will work closely with a faculty mentor to develop a project or research paper that demonstrates the fusion of their undergraduate coursework and experiences.

Papers and projects should be significant and relevant to the student’s academic or career objectives. Students in IDS 499 demonstrate senior-level proficiency in research, visual communication, writing, and presentation skills.

Course objectives:

  • Demonstrate the ability to work independently while writing a proposal for a senior-level capstone project consistent with the interdisciplinary nature of the student’s degree.
  • Demonstrate effectiveness in working with a mentor.
  • Complete a well-designed project that is professional and meaningful based upon the students’ academic and career interests and goals.
  • Demonstrate presentation skills by presenting the capstone project in a manner consistent with the professional methods and standards of the disciplines involved.