Capstone projects can be both exciting and overwhelming. As you put together your proposal for your project and begin working on it, keep in mind these tips from Brother William DeHart; an IDS 499 Professor.

  1. Be passionate about your project:
    “What is something you are passionate about?  What gets you excited? This project is a long process and if you don't love your topic, you will not enjoy the process. Pick something that will challenge you and stretch you. For many of you that will enter the workforce after graduation, this may be the last chance you have to dedicate your time to a purely intellectual pursuit. “

  1. Prepare:
    “Create a thorough outline upfront with concrete goals so that you can make consistent, meaningful progress.”

  1. Find ways to be creative:
    “Talk with anyone that will listen about your project, even if they have no knowledge about the topic. Sometimes just talking out loud and letting your ideas flow can get things rolling.”

  1. Find joy in the organization of your project:
    “Organize and love the grind. It is a completely different academic experience to spend three months working on only one thing. You have to break your project up into weekly and even daily bite-sized chunks.”

  1. Stand out above the rest:
    “Students should let their project reflect their unique personalities and let their passion for the topic come through. It doesn't matter what the topic is, the project will stand out if others can feel the student's excitement.”

  1. Meet with your mentor:
    “Communicate frequently with your mentor. They are eager to support you. Meet to brainstorm ideas and send drafts for feedback.”

As you put together your project, let your passion take charge to help you stand out. Don’t be afraid of reaching out for help from a mentor and refer back to these tips throughout the duration of your project.