Teaching Assistant (TA) Training Workshops

The Department of Instructional Resources and Support offers several workshops to help faculty with new or returning Teaching Assistants (TA). In response to faculty feedback, more training workshops for student assistants are available. These optional workshops can provide training that you may deem helpful for your assistant. Click on the workshop for more information and a schedule.

  • New TA Introductory Training
    If you have a student who has never been a TA before, this one-hour workshop is a great way to get them going by introducing them to working with faculty, returning & reporting, taking initiative, and maintaining confidentiality as they grade student work and keep records. 
  • I-Learn TA Training
    This one-hour session aids your teaching assistants in grasping the technicalities of I-learn.  They will learn how to efficiently navigate, troubleshoot, and support the learning environment you have created in your I-learn course.  

Workshop registration must be done by the student (not the faculty or department secretary) through this online system.  Please send students the link below to sign-up:

Students are generally paid for the time they are attending workshops.  If you have any questions please contact Alan K. Young at younga@byui.edu.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact Alan Young at extension 7239 or at younga@byui.edu.

Below, two faculty members share their experiences using TAs in a specialized manner: