Tim Tanner received his Master’s degree in Instructional Design; hence, his “specialty” is combining the best of the Visual Communication worlds with the best of the Instructional Design & Education world. Tim brings experience as a professional freelance illustrator, graphic designer, product designer and author in New York City and Los Angeles before coming to BYU-Idaho. He began teaching in the Art department in 2002 and moved over to Online Curriculum Development in 2011.

Workshop Handout

Workshop: Make it STICK in Their Minds!: The Important Silver Bullet of Visual Communication.

Academic and psychological research in recent years has opened our minds (no pun intended) to how the brain works, and how different factors can increase or decrease cognitive effectiveness. Some of the biggest discoveries have centered on the appropriate use of Visual Assets—what works and what doesn’t. Tim Tanner combines over two decades of professional Visual Design experience with a decade of Instructional Design experience and research, to present a quick workshop about what you need to know as you strive to teach more effectively, and to “…be a light on a hill in the scholarship of Learning and Teaching”(from David A. Bednar: BYU-Idaho, Aug. 21, 2001).