Dr. David S. Yeager is an author, researcher, and an Associate Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. His career as a reseacher addresses social problems including adolescent bullying, aggression, depression, stress, psychosomatic health, healthy eating, cheating, and academic underperformance.

Grit & Growth Mindset: Why Some Environments Motivate People to Become Excellent

Grit and Growth Mindset: Why some Environments Motivate People to Become Excellent

Using evidence from large-scale behavioral experiments and new findings from neuroscience, Yeager addresses questions such as "Why do some people choose the easy route, rather than teach themselves the hard things?" and "Why do some people wither in the face of critical feedback, while others take the feedback and get better?"  He also discusses how faculty can create environments that support a "learning mindset" and practical guidance coming from the latest finding in behavioral science.

Student Persistence: A Social-Psychological Perspective

Student Persistence: A Social-Psychological Perspective

This session reviews research demonstrating how students' learning mindsets can increase their college persistence.  Yeager outlines the moments of "psychological friction" that students encounter--from navigating bureaucratic hassles, to critical feedback in first-year classes, to trouble making friends -- and explains practical methods for improvement.  He provides a framework and set of starting ideas for engaging in continuous improvement of the psychological environment that supports student persistence.