On April 16, 2012, Dr. Dee Fink visited BYU-Idaho to share some of his insights on teaching by addressing the topic of "Improving Myself as a Teacher." Dr. Fink is the author of the book Creating Significant Learning Experiences and is a highly regarded instructional consultant. He was the founding director of the Instructional Development Program at the University of Oklahoma, and has led workshops at conferences and campuses in the US, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, and Asia.

BYU-Idaho received permission from Dr. Fink to share his presentation. The workshop has been divided into sections for easier viewing. Additional resources are hyperlinked below the video player.

transfromatve practices video image

Dr. Fink introduced faculty to five teaching practices to help achieve goals to continuously improve the quality of education at BYU-Idaho. These include changing student's view of learning, designing courses that are learning-centered, directing team-based learning, being a leader with students, and helping students reflect on their own learning. "These five practices have the power to radically and substantially change the quality of your teaching and your students' learning." Fink said.