Distinguished Faculty Award

The Distinguished Faculty Award honors veteran, full-time faculty who have given outstanding service to BYU-Idaho. Nominations are solicited at large (generally from fellow faculty members) and reviewed by the Best Practices Committee and approved by President's Council. The award is traditionally presented to 3-5 individuals at the All Employee Banquet in the fall. Please consider nominating those instructors who have shown a consistent effort to improve their teaching and learning, who are innovators in the classroom and who demonstrate campus citizenship. This should be someone with at least 10 years or more of service and who is continually growing in the work they do. Nominate a fellow faculty member.

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Exemplary Faculty Award

Award Description

The exemplary faculty award is meant to honor individuals who exhibit “best practices” in their teaching, professional development, and campus citizenship. While the award can certainly be given to “renaissance” individuals who demonstrate excellence in all three categories, the hope is that the awards can be tied to one or two specific practices, which can be mentioned when the award is given. These practices will also hopefully be highlighted during the year in venues like the Fall Faculty Conference, Brown Bag discussions, and Perspective. The awards should honor individuals, but the larger goal for the awards is to help showcase “best practices” that other faculty might be interested in adopting.

Typically, the University will honor one CFS faculty member from each college as well as two or three adjunct for the entire university. However, this can be altered if college deans feel that there is a good reason to recognize more than one recipient from a particular college.

The award may be received more than once, but usually not in successive years. Visiting faculty and pre-CFS faculty are not eligible for the award.

Nomination Process for CFS Faculty

The Best Practices Committee will gather nominations in two phases. In the first phase, committee members will approach department chairs for one nomination from that department. In addition to providing a name, chairs should write short, but detailed descriptions explaining why the nominee deserves the award.

Once the committee has gathered names from the department chairs, the nominations and paragraphs will be presented to the college deans. Each dean will select one person from the list to receive the award. These names will be passed to the Academic Vice Presidents for approval.

Nomination Process for Adjunct Faculty

Because we only award two or three adjunct awards for the entire university, this process is slightly different. Once again, department chairs will nominate an adjunct faculty along with a paragraph description of why. These names will be passed to the deans, and each dean will select one adjunct faculty to represent his or her college. From these names, the Best Practices Committee will select two or three individuals and pass the selections on to the Academic Vice Presidents for approval.

Faculty Banquet

In the spring of every year, faculty members and their spouses come together to celebrate the teaching efforts of faculty at BYU-Idaho. The Best Practices Committee organizes the evening's program to uplift and inspire faculty in their teaching efforts through presentation of the Exemplary Faculty Awards

Please plan to spend a wonderful evening with us as we celebrate you, the great faculty of BYU-Idaho.

The date for the 2018 Faculty Banquet is Thursday, June 7 in the MC Grand Ballroom.