Brown Bag Discussions offer faculty an opportunity to share lunch together and listen to their colleagues speak about topics related to learning and teaching. Come get a free lunch and experience interactive discussions presented by your friends. Faculty presenters have the freedom to speak about things they feel are innovative and enlightening, items they find successful in the classroom and best practices. Instructors who regularly participate in Brown Bag Discussions often come away with new ideas that make their teaching more meaningful.

Listed below are the upcoming Brown Bag / PIE Talk Discussions. To reserve a seat and a lunch, RSVP to



Thursday, October 10, from 12:45 - 1:45 pm, MC 387 Special Events Room

Friday, October 11, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, Taylor 170 Cultural Hall


SETH DEMING (Testing Center Director) 

Useful Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of the New Testing Center Tools, Akindi and TARS

TARS is the testing center management tool designed by our own IT department to facilitate faculty scheduling of all exam types, checking those exams out to students, printing exams on demand, tracking student test times and more. Akindi is the system for paper-pencil multiple-choice exams. It allows both testing center and classroom batch exam options and transfers scored directly into Canvas or other export options for use in other systems or data analysis. Feel free to bring your laptops to join in on the fun!


JEFF OLIVER (Sociology & Social Work) 

The Harkness Discussion Method

The Harkness method is a form of democratic learning in which twelve students sit around a table, the teacher presents a real-world problem, and students then lead their own discussion about how to solve the problem. The teacher serves as a facilitator of learning rather than an instructor.

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