Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your service to students at BYU-Idaho! We appreciate the role that our adjunct faculty play on campus.

Some time ago, our Academic leaders (chairs, deans, Academic Office leadership) asked us to create an annual training program for our campus adjunct faculty focusing on the scholarship of learning and teaching. As a result of that request, BYU-Idaho created a four hour annual training program for adjunct that would be required each academic year on an on-going basis. These are four hour, paid training activities are available to all campus adjunct faculty.

While the program initially was administered on the academic calendar, we found it easier and less confusing for everyone involved to simply track your development activities by calendar year. You will therefore have until the end of fall semester each year to complete the required training for the following year. 

By completing your training in a timely manner you will assist your department chair in his / her upcoming semester planning. Without your submission of a reimbursement form prior to the end of winter semester, your department chair will be unable to issue a contract in the following calendar year. Similarly, if you teach only on an occasional basis with gaps in your service, no contract can be issued in a subsequent academic year until the annual training is completed.

On-Campus training options include:

·        Campus Learning and Teaching Workshop (2hrs)
·        Active participation in a Foundations teaching team (2hrs)
·        Participation in the Fall Faculty Conference (2hrs)
·        Department sponsored training (2 hrs)
·        Other development activity as approved by the department chair.

Online training options can be accessed here.  Register for the option you wish and then log-in to I-learn to complete the work.

To qualify for the $100 stipend, adjunct faculty should complete the training, fill out a Request for Reimbursement form. Completion of the training is recorded at the time you submit the reimbursement form to the Academic Office. Please note that payment is done in the pay period that follows the submission of the reimbursement form and will appear on your payroll statement in the "Extra Pay" column.  

Again, thank you for all you do for students. Your work is a great blessing to them, to the departments in which you serve, and to the University. We send our gratitude and best wishes to you.


Kelly Burgener