1. Make sure all Adobe applications are closed. The licensing will not renew properly if you still have any Adobe applications running.

NOTE: Do not sign up for a free trial of Adobe Creative Cloud. This is a temporary fix that will create more problems in the future.


  1. Open “Finder.”


  1. Under “Applications,” locate and open the “Self Service” application.

NOTE: You may also use the shortcut Command + Spacebar and type in “Self Service.”



  1. Within Self Service, open the “Adobe License 2017” application and click “License.”



NOTE: When “Adobe License 2017” has successfully finished, the application will say “Relicense.” You are now ready to use all installed Adobe Creative Cloud applications.


NOTE: You do not need to restart your computer.



If you have renewed your Adobe Creative Cloud license but are still having problems, please call 208-496-1411 and answer the voiceover prompts to be connected to the correct technology support group.