BYU-Idaho has recently upgraded from the LivePerson Agent Console (LPAC) to the web-based LiveEngage. For more information regarding LiveEngage, click here to access the LiveEngage Agent Guide and click here to access the LiveEngage Admin Guide.

Connecting to LivePerson/LiveEngage

If you are a new employee and need access to LivePerson:

  1. Have your department supervisor contact the BYU-Idaho Support Center (BSC) to get an account set up for you.
  2. Click here to access the new web-based LiveEngage console.
  3. When prompted, enter “1132447” for BYU-Idaho’s Site/Account Number.

Running Reports with LiveEngage

To run reports for individual LiveEngage agents:

  1. Go to the LiveEngage main page.
  2. Click “Web Visitors.”
  3. Click the black “down” arrow next to “Web Visitors.”
  4. Click “Agent Manager BI Dashboards.”
  5. A new tab will open asking you to log in again. Log in again and you will see your choice of reports LiveEngage can run: Engagement Activity, Agent Activity, and Survey Activity.