Reporting SPAM is now easier than ever before. 

Reporting Spam from Outlook on the Web

Right-click the messages you want to report, then click "Mark as Junk."

Reporting Spam from Outlook on the Desktop

Install "Microsoft Junk E-mail Add-in for Microsoft Outlook."

Please continue to exercise conscientiousness and good judgement when it comes to opening emails and clicking links. Spam and phishing emails often give themselves away if you know what to look for, so keep an eye out for these signs of phishing and spam:

  • Emails that claim your information has been compromised, or that demand you respond to the sender with personal information such as Social Security numbers and bank information.
  • Email offers that seem "too good to be true" (i.e., a job offer that pays far more than it should, extravagant prizes for seemingly no reason, announcements that you've won a contest you never entered, etc.).
  • Obvious grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • Emails telling you that "direct action" is required on an account, usually offering you a link to click to perform the "action."
  • Links that don't open to the stated destination. Hover over links to verify that the underling hyperlink is known and valid.
  • Messages from someone you don't know.
  • Emails from people you know that are out of character and include any of the attributes listed above. Just because a message comes from someone you do know doesn't mean it wasn't spoofed.